Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So close

We are so close to having our full team hit the floor together. And while this is more of a rationalization than a legitimate excuse for not posting anything, I've had a hard time putting into words the mixed frustration and hope I've felt while experiencing these first 28 games with a depleted roster.

It hurt watching months go by with Shane sitting on the bench. Jeff Van Gundy's said on multiple occasions that Yao is a performer that thrives on consistency and repetition. Without that 6'9 three-point shooter standing in the corner, without that wise and unselfish 6'9 passer setting him up, how is Yao supposed to get his rhythm and dominate?

Then T-Mac leaves us and Artest snaps his ankle.

Now Skip's out.

And Barry.

I feel like I'm becoming one of those ESPNish dudes who can only talk about injuries when they cover the Rockets.

But Skip will be back before we know it, and Aaron Brooks played out of his mind last night against Chauncey. Aaron seemed to assume the persona of Billups: coming down and swacking a three while guarded, getting into the paint, basically dominating. I was worried about how he'd hold up against Billups on the other end, but our team defense was ridiculous enough to overcompensate. Billups couldn't hope to beat us by shooting long contested jumpshots. He's played on Detroit long enough to know that you need to get your teammates going to beat the really good ballclubs, but therein lies the dilemma - how do you get your teammates going when you've got Shane Battier, Ron Artest and Tracy McGrady closing out and switching on almost everything? Then you add in that Yao has dramatically improved his ability to just fucking stand there and be 8+ feet of Chinese in the paint. There's no where to go.