Monday, February 23, 2009

Up to this point

Are we a collapsing giant like Dallas or Phoenix? Is Ron a Trojan horse-type powder keg such as we've seen J-Kidd and Shaq become? Has Tracy played his last days as a Rocket, and if so, is it safe to say that our team is falling apart?

The team has pruned some dying limbs, in my opinion, and the healthy portion of the group has more room to grow.

Tracy's leaving us has left us the opportunity to put up some JVGish, Thibbodeauxian defensive strangleholds - Artest and Battier and Yao starting every game together should make every game tough for the opposition's offense. I know Shane and Ron haven't played their best basketball of the season, but shouldn't that be a sign of hope? They've both been a step slow, but are on the way back.

Rafer leaving hurts a lot, but I can take solace in knowing that Rafer will get out of the first round before T-Mac; and because he's playing for a Van Gundy.

We've played Memphis like 7 times this year, so who could be unsure about what Lowry can do for us. We regular season watchers have probably seen more of Kyle Lowry than any other NBA fans, beside Memphis, and even then the numbers might be close.

It looks like we're embracing a Lowry - Wafer - Landry youth bench movement, having now promoted Brooks to the starting lineup.

All in all, I'm optimistic. I guess that's a choice I've made: to give a shit about where we can go from here. I think we can get back to playing defense for 48minutes, all five people on the floor held accountable. I think we can get the ball moving like Adleman always wanted, and we finally have guards that can penetrate like everyone always wanted. I think turnovers will kill us, and that'll keep us out of any big games in the playoffs, but I'm not putting it past this group to win a whole lot and beat some really good teams.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whatever will they do?

Sprains and tears and dislocations, Oh my!

Whoever heard of making it through a season with one of your starters injured!?

Man I -really- feel sorry for all of these teams. I mean really sorry.

Wow,  I couldn't imagine what -that- would be like.

(mild sarcasm)