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Friedman - Hayes Interview

Seriously, is there anything this Jason Friedman dude can't do?


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awesome Artest Interview


Wow, can J. Friedman do all of our official Rockets coverage - simultaneously replacing Clyde and Jim Foley, too?

In the press conference, Artest says he's been working on his off-the-ball, catch-and-shoot game this summer - and he drops the "3rd, maybe 4th option when Scola gets going" line. You know he's been watching Luis tear up the Olympics.

I know some people have seen this video on our site and on some other sites. So you've got to love this little side-reference from the Fried-man.

Fans greeted the star forward with signs, shouts and chants of, “No Layups!” in reference to Artest’s reputation as a one of a kind, in your face defender.

I can't find the interview they're talking about just yet (found it - but it's in Chinese), but if you're interested in this discussion, you should check out this discussion. (also check this)


Rockets Addicts should love this line from today's True Hoop:

Shane Battier: He demonstrated during Houston's big winning streak that he is the best at stopping elite wing scorers. And he can hit the open shot, all while being a great veteran teammate. (emphasis added)

Monday, August 25, 2008


chris may have beat me to the punch on the article....

but i got the vid


D.J. Strawberry is a Rocket


After watching him abuse Aaron Brooks in their Summer League matchup (video recap), I'm sure there will be plenty of competition at the guard spot once again this training camp.

Artest rally: Link.

"A lot of players, some of my friends, were like 'Houston is a problem, now,' " Artest said. "Like that old saying goes: 'Houston, we have a problem." Now, other teams in the league, they have a problem.

(how much fun must this writer have transposing Artest's words into text)

"Right now, I'm playing with two all stars, two future Hall of Famers in their prime. And I've gotten better. I'm better now than I was five years ago, even than when I got defensive player of the year. Everybody's in their prime. This is my best opportunity to put a ring on my finger and help Houston get another championship."


“Did I get everyone in Houston worried with the limp?” he asked with a smile. “The bone in the foot is fine. I just had some blisters.”





The NBA is a strange, incestuous league, and the tentacles of this thing might very well run deep.

Pistons Trades?

Great Joe Dumars interview on the future of the Pistons.

If there was a deal to be done, I would have pulled the trigger. The reason we haven’t done a deal is there was no good deal to be made. If there was a good deal to be made, we would have done it and we would be moving forward right now.

I think that I would be very surprised if anyone called at this point to offer the type of deal I was open to and had been open to doing. I don’t expect that call.

So when people ask me what about the big trade, my response is always the same: What big trade is that?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Video Of The Day

to back up chris' story...

Devin Brown to backup Chris Paul


If writers are correct, Devin Brown, newly acquired NOLA Hornet, "likely will be the primary backup to All-Star point guard Chris Paul."

Anyone object to Chris Paul sitting on the bench while Brown runs NOLA's offense?

Somehow I doubt Brown plays much PG. Why not former Rocket Ryan Bowen?

"Chris was the runner-up for the league MVP," Bowen said. "It's just amazing to play with a talent like that. He knows what everybody's doing on the court, offensively and defensively. He knows when to make the right pass and when to shoot it. He's really remarkable."If I'd been going to camp with a team that didn't have Chris Paul, I think I would have really struggled. He'd always pick me to be on his team in practice, and he made me look pretty good."

Brown's career average: Assists - 1.6 Turnovers - 1.1


I was one of the doubters. I assumed that without Manu and his solid guard play, Jascikavicus (spelling) would tear up the Argentines - apparently Scola would not let that happen.


"It touched us all that Manu tried to the last minute to play with us,” Scola said.“But we as a team trust the team. Those who don't know us think that without Manu we cannot do anything but that is not true.

“Of course, [if] I could I would always like to have Manu playing alongside me but I think what makes a good team is the fact that other players are able to step up in these situations."

Friday, August 22, 2008

Video of the Day

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The music did it all for me. I had to post.

Draft Express: NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division

There's loads of info on this page about a bunch of teams. Lamentably, there's no Scola, Landry or Artest coverage in the Rockets' section. Here are a few snippets from the players they do cover.

Tracy: "...Simply dominant when healthy, but not particularly efficient... A superstar who brings intensity to the defensive end only when he needs to... Becomes a good defender when it counts."

Yao: "...Incredibly smart, and a fantastic teammate... Requires a double team due to his size and skill."

Luther: "...Great catch and shoot player. Average ball handler... Shows consistent effort. Won’t take a lot of risks, and for that reason he won’t make many mistakes."

Rafer: "...Has great quickness, but is more fluid than explosive... Hard to stop in transition. Makes defenders commit before giving up the ball. A solid, but unspectacular scorer... A very good defensive player who has the quickness to hang with most point guards."

Shane: "...Probably the most fundamentally sound defender in the game.... Will block shots just by maintaining good position... Great defensive intangibles. Amazing awareness."

Chuck: "Has a 6-10 wingspan, but is severely undersized at 6-7... Uses leverage extremely well to fight for position in the paint... Doesn’t make mistakes, and is a solid passer. Understands his role... Will give everything he’s got to deny entry passes, and is terrific at coming up with steals... Gets most of his rejections by keeping his hands up and maintaining good position. Stays on his feet when his man tries to fake him into the air. Great at boxing out. Has excellent timing and smarts. Won’t get outrebounded despite his size."

They've got a section on Dike and on Stevie Franchise, but I think you get the drift.

The page is entitled "NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division (Part One)," so there should be either more detailed or at least updated versions forthcoming.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daydreaming About Trades

I'm watching the Argentina vs. Greece game at work, and it got me thinking.

Ben Gordon says he's "played his last game" as a Bull. And the Bulls have been looking to move Nocioni all last season - despite the fact that I bet the Chicago fans love watching him hustle.

I know the Shane & Artest Defensive-Duo-of-Death sounds awesome, but picture this:

Luther Head
Shane Battier
& (Sean Singletary/P. Ewing Jr. if necessary)


Ben Gordon
& Andres Nocioni

I guess the only logic behind this would be to diversify our talents and add more shooting around Yao.
Luther is our only pure shooter who can come in and drain 3s (except Brent Barry and Aaron Brooks, but who knows how much they'll see the floor.)

I'm starting to disagree with myself, though.

Ben Gordon's contract is going to be over-inflated wherever he gets traded to, and I'd rather spend that money on re-signing Ron Artest. And Gordon is a streaky outside shooter. We already have T-Jack hoisting up crazy shots, doubtful that Gordon would be any different.

Why would you want to get rid of Shane Battier anyway? He's been just huge.

And if you did lose Shane, and then you can't re-sign Artest, then who's your defensive stopper. You'd risk losing your whole defensive identity.

All right, I've talked myself out of this one, but I'm still curious to see if any more trades go down to either A) make room in our budget to re-sign Artest or B) trade big pieces to try to drastically improve.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"For sure, Yao is a fighter."


Houston Rockets fans everywhere should be sending "thank you" cards to China's head coach Kazlauskas for knowing who his players are and when to use them. I can think of plenty of crappy coaches that might force a big name on to the court during a blowout, just to make his team look a little better. Yao is not someone you just throw out on the court. Minutes on the floor are a huge deal to Yao's body.

“If we had been able to catch them at the beginning (of the game) and stayed close then, for sure, Yao Ming should play a long time,” said China’s head coach Jonas Kazlauskas. “But this was not a game, not a time, to have him on the court."

“For sure, Yao is a fighter. He wants to play. But he is player. I am coach. I am the guy who makes decisions.”

“For four games in this tournament, we played good, Kazlauskas said. “Maybe it was the first time in Chinese basketball history that we play four games in a row so good."

“Maybe we were tired today. But this is professional basketball and we were not ready for this.” Artest is Official

“When Adelman had me on the court in Sacramento he used me at every single position,” said Artest, who will wear No. 96 with the Rockets. “Sometimes he would play me at the two, when there was a dominant two such as a Kobe (Bryant) or a Dwyane Wade. Or Steve Nash was killing us one time in Phoenix. He put me at the one. He put me at the five."

“I work on my game every summer so I get better. I don’t make a big jump at one specific thing, but I make a good enough leap at everything to be able to play every position. I’ll be ready. That’s how I play my game."

“Whatever Adelman needs me to do, whether that’s come off the bench, sixth, seventh man, start, I don’t even care. Whatever he needs me to do, I’m 100 percent sure it’s going to work.”

Shane and Yao make's "Top 5 Most Overrated"


Does this guy hate the Rockets or something? How can you be so horribly wrong (Wade and Marion are not overrated, either) and pick two dudes from the same team, too?

Whoever wrote this can choke on my $#!%.
"Rick is probably the most calm guy. He's probably a Triple-C - he's cool, calm and collected,'' said point guard Rafer Alston, who put up career-best numbers during the streak. "We were losing six or seven in a row and Rick didn't flinch. And we won 18 straight and Rick still didn't flinch, did not jump for joy. That's one thing that impressed me most about him.''

At, you pick your favorite and "most hated" teams and players.

My most hated players (so far):

Bruce Bowen
Tim Duncan
Devin Harris
Tyson Chandler

Friday, August 15, 2008



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yao's Greatness


1st game of the streak

Christmas Eve

Well, it's kind of like Christmas Eve. Tomorrow we officially sign Ron Artest!

I haven't read or watched or cared about anything that has to do with the Celtics or the Lakers since last offseason, but here is a story about Ray Allen's OCD that does not say "historic" or "the big three" once.

Funny comment by some dude on the whole Spain's B-Ball team is comprised of immature racists thing:

"Fingers crossed now for a publicly released photo of the Chinese national team variously taking a siesta and sexually harassing some women."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NBC Online Replays

Thanks to TrueHoop, I now can spend my whole day at work watching Olympics basketball.

China vs. Spain
Wow, Rudy Fernandez looks good. Yao might not be putting up huge numbers, but you can really see how deadly he is with shooters around him. He's working the kick-out pass. #8 on China can really shoot. A team full of Euros and I still dislike only Pau (check that: I hate Rubio, too). His brother actually plays hard and doesn't make wierd faces. If Espanya stopped flopping around, they might not hit their heads on the ground so hard.

Mess around on this site. If you haven't figured it out already, and depending on your cable provider, you can watch just about any game of the Olympics online, on demand, by clicking "Rewind." Good luck getting any work done today.

The Barry Family


Wow, BEHIND THE BACK from mid court to TMAC. I always used to underestimate Jon.... But he is part of the "hustle" crowd that the rockets always seem to have.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Daily Videos

Here at Rockets addicts, we watch a shit load of videos/highlights of the Rockets.

So we were thinking about a video a' day type thing where we could post video and hope for reactions and responses.


Robbie's response - Wow. Ron Artest IS AWESOME! Everything about that video is great. I can't believe they gave him airtime for that improvised song(which really only scratches the surface if you have ever heard anything off of Tru Warrior Wreckords!!!)

All I can hope is that they make Kevin EschenfelderlfhselhdfelRR, the dude on FSN, to only cover sports he BASEBALL or FOOTBALL. AND GIVE THE JOB TO RON ARTEST!!! just let him talk about how badass we are and how we are gonna win this game... WHY NOT?

....or just give Calvin Murphy his job back. Cause Clyde is a HATER too sometimes...

Star Spangled Banner

I heard this commercial while I wasn't looking at the T.V. and I wasn't sure if it was a really good live halftime thing at the Olympics or what - I don't own or listen to much (any?) Marvin, but this has to be the best version of the Star Spangled.

I recommend it being played instead of whoever is lined up to sing it at the next sports event.

Youtube video of the commercial.

Non-Nike video of the performance.

What the F*@k?

Bernie Mac died?

Mac, 50, whose real name was Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Saturday from complications related to his battle with pneumonia. While the comedian and actor did suffer from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, his publicist Danica Smith said Mac's condition had been in remission since 2005 and his death was unrelated to that disease.

Deron Williams is a Punk

He tried to dunk over Yao Ming full speed.
He got rejected and put on his ass.
Then he tried to make it up with a hand slap and a nod...

...When Bosh got shoved a little by Yao, Boozer was the only U.S. player that stood up and looked offended.

Utah makes some dirty, punkass players.


"You can't prepare for Yao Ming," said D-Wade. "What are we gonna do, stack people on top of each other at practice?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grizz offer Josh Smith Mo' Money


Lowry / Conley
Smith / Darell Arthur
Marc Gasol

Still probably lose a bunch of games, but what a young and athletic roster.

Also: Baron Davis got a back-up point gaurd.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Donaghy's Father

"If there is nothing wrong with the NBA, then how can an individual [Tim] successfully pick seven of 10 games a week, week after week?" asked Gerry Donaghy

"There's something to it. Other gamblers jumped on the bandwagon. That is why Battista jumped on the bandwagon. So what does that tell you about the NBA?"

"For Stern to get out there and say there is no problem, that is wrong. Then he wants to put $1.4 million [the amount of restitution the NBA sought from Donaghy] on his head. He did a bad thing. He shouldn't be excused. But he shouldn't be crucified, either. That's what the NBA wants to do."

Amateur Aspirations

So you can't dunk and most people you play aren't like 6'3+. What can you realistically look up to? What can you model your game after, knowing that your jumpshot just doesn't look like Tracy's?

The solution. (don't be fooled by the first clip, they're not all semi-turnovers where people end up on the floor in the lane. that's just every other play throughout the season)

Okay, maybe I just wasted your time, but think about your last pick-up game when you watch that crap.

Oh, and look how many backboard 3-pointers they take. Kobe's been taking notes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Other Addicts Talking Shane and Chuck

Go and vote for Chuck and Shane in the Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament.

Man, "no discernable [sic] NBA-level skills," ouch. I think someone needs to watch Chuck's post defense or maybe read what JVG and everyone else says about Chuck's superior NBA-level defense. If Ben Wallace didn't dunk much, would you say he had no NBA-level skills? Shit, Chuck's a better cutter, passer, etc. At least they say that Chuck "outsmarts" people, but come on. I discern some skills. Steve Nash is to offensive spatial awareness what Chuck is to defensive spatial awareness.

All-Star Rockets' Hustlers
Bob Sura
Shane Battier

Ryan Bowen
Chuck Hayes
Luis Scola

Houston - Chuck Hayes: “Has absolutely no discernable [sic] NBA-level skills. Can’t dribble or shoot. Is not very tall or agile. Everyone has to cover their eyes when he shoots free throws. And yet - he’s a very important part of the rotation for an NBA playoff team for two-plus years now. It’s because he outsmarts and outhustles everyone.” David from The Dream Shake

Wild Card - Shane Battier: “Not only is he a shoo-in nominee, the dude should win our tournament outright. He’s not a very good offensive player. He’s valuable because he’s a lock-down defensive player who does everything based on hustle, desire and effort. And he’s certainly not afraid of a few floor burns… or cuts/bruises to the head… or Dikembe’s elbow!” David from The Dream Shake

Sunday, August 3, 2008

just some vids



The Kings are dominated in this game by Yao but Ron Artest TAKES OVER

Friday, August 1, 2008

East : West

1) Boston : Houston
2) Detroit : Jazz
3) Magic : Lakers
4) Wizards : Hornets
5) Sixers : Spurs
6) Cavs : Mavs
7) Raptors : Blazers
8) Bucks : Suns

-out of playoffs-

9) Heat : Clippers

10) Pacers : Warriors

11) Bulls : T'Wolves

12) Knicks : Nuggets

13) Nets : OKC

14) Hawks : Kings

15) Bobcats : Grizzlies