Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NBC Online Replays

Thanks to TrueHoop, I now can spend my whole day at work watching Olympics basketball.

China vs. Spain
Wow, Rudy Fernandez looks good. Yao might not be putting up huge numbers, but you can really see how deadly he is with shooters around him. He's working the kick-out pass. #8 on China can really shoot. A team full of Euros and I still dislike only Pau (check that: I hate Rubio, too). His brother actually plays hard and doesn't make wierd faces. If Espanya stopped flopping around, they might not hit their heads on the ground so hard.

Mess around on this site. If you haven't figured it out already, and depending on your cable provider, you can watch just about any game of the Olympics online, on demand, by clicking "Rewind." Good luck getting any work done today.

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