Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best Vid Yet!


I am Pretty excited that I found this. I spent the last 3 hours just watching it on repeat.

Made me think of this....


chris said...

Hah, it took me a little bit to realize it was Duncan. That's just beautiful.

Carl Landry better re-sign.

Dan Marjele said...

Too bad the Rockets are too homosexual to get out of the first round! :)

thewolf said...

haha this coming from suns fan? the irony is hilarious. Your franchise has not won a title yet! Despite the superstars; Barkley, Nash, KJ, Kidd, Stoudemire, SHIT even Marjele! And I dont even know if I am alowed to say Marion...Just because you guys burnt the shit out of that deal...GET IT! BURNT!! LIKE THE SUN!!MWAHWAWHA

If the rockets are homosexual, than the suns must be holes for anyone to screw but never get anything out of it.

If the Rockets are homosexual, what are you doing looking at this you blog flamer..

chris said...

Yea, I'd rather be looking at deep playoff runs in the near future than at a team based around nash/oneal/hill - one that will either work/not work this year, and then explode into nothingness and lottery picks in the following years.

When Nash retires to go run his Canadian MLS team, will Amare still want to be a Phoenix Sun?

T Rich said...

That is the funniest video I have ever seen!!!!! Duncan is such a little biatch.