Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daydreaming About Trades

I'm watching the Argentina vs. Greece game at work, and it got me thinking.

Ben Gordon says he's "played his last game" as a Bull. And the Bulls have been looking to move Nocioni all last season - despite the fact that I bet the Chicago fans love watching him hustle.

I know the Shane & Artest Defensive-Duo-of-Death sounds awesome, but picture this:

Luther Head
Shane Battier
& (Sean Singletary/P. Ewing Jr. if necessary)


Ben Gordon
& Andres Nocioni

I guess the only logic behind this would be to diversify our talents and add more shooting around Yao.
Luther is our only pure shooter who can come in and drain 3s (except Brent Barry and Aaron Brooks, but who knows how much they'll see the floor.)

I'm starting to disagree with myself, though.

Ben Gordon's contract is going to be over-inflated wherever he gets traded to, and I'd rather spend that money on re-signing Ron Artest. And Gordon is a streaky outside shooter. We already have T-Jack hoisting up crazy shots, doubtful that Gordon would be any different.

Why would you want to get rid of Shane Battier anyway? He's been just huge.

And if you did lose Shane, and then you can't re-sign Artest, then who's your defensive stopper. You'd risk losing your whole defensive identity.

All right, I've talked myself out of this one, but I'm still curious to see if any more trades go down to either A) make room in our budget to re-sign Artest or B) trade big pieces to try to drastically improve.

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