Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awesome Artest Interview


Wow, can J. Friedman do all of our official Rockets coverage - simultaneously replacing Clyde and Jim Foley, too?

In the press conference, Artest says he's been working on his off-the-ball, catch-and-shoot game this summer - and he drops the "3rd, maybe 4th option when Scola gets going" line. You know he's been watching Luis tear up the Olympics.

I know some people have seen this video on our site and on some other sites. So you've got to love this little side-reference from the Fried-man.

Fans greeted the star forward with signs, shouts and chants of, “No Layups!” in reference to Artest’s reputation as a one of a kind, in your face defender.

I can't find the interview they're talking about just yet (found it - but it's in Chinese), but if you're interested in this discussion, you should check out this discussion. (also check this)


Rockets Addicts should love this line from today's True Hoop:

Shane Battier: He demonstrated during Houston's big winning streak that he is the best at stopping elite wing scorers. And he can hit the open shot, all while being a great veteran teammate. (emphasis added)


chris said...

I can't comment on ClutchFans' Forum, but here's what I found there:


I don't know how accurately I am representing the actual exchange between Artest and Hayes, since the exchange between Artest and Hayes was translated first into Chinese and then, by me, back into English.

On the other hand, it's clear from the photo that Ron and Chuck met yesterday when Ron came into team facilities for the rally and the press conference.

So, the story apparently is that, after the rally and/or the press conference, Ron ran into Chuck in the hallway. Chuck appeared to have just finished working out and was rather sweaty. Upon seeing the reporters following Ron around, Chuck was trying to slip away from the crowd when Artest spotted and wouldn't let him leave. The two men shared a bear hug.

After the hug, Artest told Chuck (something to the effect that) "I'm here to be your back-up." The crowd laughed. Chuck answered "Man, you are here to make me unemployed, aren't you?"

With Ron's arm around Chuck's shoulder, Chuck told Ron "You coming to Houston is a dream come true." Ron replied "Great, now that I'm here, let us dream together."

Anonymous said...

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