Monday, July 7, 2008

Earnie Banks on the Chuck Wagon

An ignorant, or should I say average Rockets fan wrote this.....

ive already got my tickets for summer league and can't wait to see how the new guys adjust to different coaching systems. are we really going to play dorsey at the 5??go ahead and trade chuck hayes for a bag of oats. the guy sucks and it's a shame things like "intangibles" keep you guys from telling it like it is.

Jonathan Feigan responded with THIS....

A few weeks ago, I was visiting with Tom Thibodeau, the former [Rockets] assistant that ran the Celtics defense. I mentioned to him that it was really something to see that defense he and Jeff always ran with the Rockets work with a long and active four like Kevin Garnett, the Defensive Player of the Year. He said a few words about Garnett, particularly about his practice habits and consistent effort and then launched into a long spiel about Chuck Hayes, his style, his strengths, the ways they could defend because they had him. I never mentioned Hayes or the Rockets. We all know there are things Hayes cannot do, but the qualities Tom talked about were very tangible. Clearly, he disagreed with your assessment that Hayes sucks, but what does he know about NBA defense. It's not as if he will ever win anything as a coach in this league. As for Ridnour, I don't think they would spend their summer allowance on a backup point guard. -- Jonathan

-Earnie Banks


Who Chuck Hayes is.

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