Tuesday, July 1, 2008

General Takes Charge of NBA Officiating

TrueHoop post TrueHoop on NBA's New Sr. V.P of Referee Operations
82games.com Call-by-call breakdown of Dallas vs. Miami Finals Game 5

"Beech also looked for any and all evidence to support Donaghy's claim that two of the referees were "company men" who did the NBA's bidding. It was hard to see that in how each referees calls broke down. Referee Bob Delaney, Beech found, called the game quite evenly. Ted Bernhardt's calls slightly favored the Lakers, and Dick Bavetta's calls, especially late in the game, were
more in favor of the Lakers than anyone.
"(Henry Abbott on 82games.com's Beech covering controversial Lakers vs. Kings)

Also on 82games.com:

The Best and Worst Defensive Adjusted Plus/Minus Ratings:SMALL FORWARDS
#1: Shane Battier
#2: Andre Kirilenko...
#5: Paul Pierce...
#8: Bruce Bowen

The Best and Worst Defensive Adjusted Plus/Minus Ratings:CENTERS
#2: Dikembe Motumbo

Yao is statistically tied with Baron Davis as the 17th Most Clutch Players in the NBA last season, while T Mac is the 37th.
. . . .

The Carl Landry situation is troubling. If, for some reason, the Rockets deem Landry's knee too much of a gamble to pay for, are we going to be regretting it for the rest of Landry's career?
Just imagine those vicious dunks coming on top of Luis or Yao.
And think of the nice looking jump shot he's already got and how much he can improve it.
I know we're always tentative about signing another injury prone player(ie: Yao/TMac), but I'd take the risk and sign Landry.

Coming out of this offseason with just Brent Barry and no Carl Landry would be a huge mistake.

Houston only ranks 7th in America's sweatiest cities?

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