Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Star Signings

Official Movement of the '08 Offseason.

What kind of cigars were Baron Davis and Don Nelson smoking while they talked for two hours in Nelson's truck, banana 'rillos? Maybe Brad Miller drove down from Sacramento to join them, and that's why he got suspended.

"He came over to the office to say goodbye," Nelson said. "We had a cigar together, sat in my truck for about two hours and talked."

Warriors bring on Maggette and Turiaf, making them very deep in the SF/PF position - even after losing Pietrus to Orlando. Is Al Harrington or Stephen Jackson on the market? (UFA: Matt Barnes - 6'7, UFA: Andris Biedrins - 6'11, Al Harrington - 6'9, Richard Hendrix - 6'9, Stephen Jackson - 6'8, Anthony Randolph - 6'10, Brandan Wright - 6'9, Corey Maggette - 6'6, Ronny Turiaf - 6'10)

Do the Rockets have enough cap space to make an offer to Matt Barnes?

Clippers now have a bunch of money to throw around - Josh Smith to Hollywood?

Sixers become one of the top 5 teams in the East with Brand in the mix, on par with or better than the Wizards, Cavs and Magic. (Brand career avg. 2.1 bpg & Dalembert career avg. 2.0 bpg and '07-'08 avg. 2.3 bpg)

But don't forget about the new Raptors' frontline: Jermaine O'Neal and Chris Bosh.

Miami signs another James Posey-type in 3 pt. specialist, James Jones.

Plenty of unresolved contracts floating around, and plenty of time for deals to fall into place.

Maybe Joe Dumars was just pissed off from losing, but weren't a whole bunch of Pistons supposed to be on the way out?

Derrick Rose may take time to develop, but he won't do it on the bench as a back-up. And the Bulls aren't chasing a championship or even W's really. It should be all about building a team. This being said, is there any reason Kirk Hinrich's $10mil./yr. contract won't find its way to say... Golden State or Miami? or maybe even the Rockets, eventually? With T Mac providing most of our drive-and-kicks, wouldn't a spot up shooter be all we need at the PG? $10mil sounds like a lot to me for Hinrich. Still, alternating Skip and Kirk and maybe even Skip and Kirk together at the 1 and 2 when you go small, that would be a nice mix.

Emeka Okafor is considering his options, why not consider coming home? The Bellaire High School alumnus would make a formidable complement next to Yao, and maybe we wouldn't have to see his monster blocks on T Mac anymore.

I guess these are all just pipe dreams, but DM sees trades on the horizon.
Donaghy's sentencing postponed again? Let's hope they air the decision during Team USA's "Road to Redemption," much like the announcements from Donaghy's lawyer during the '08 Finals.

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