Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So through this ridiculously tough season what have we learned?

-Tmac is still "Tracy McGrady"

-Aaron continues to improve as a dominant six foot and under scorer.

-Kyle Lowry might be our team MVP. Probably wont have enough stats to back that up, but there is no stat line for energy and chemistry.

-Jermaine Taylor started out selfish but with some d league time he seems to be improving.

-Chase Bud is stroking it hard... What?

- Trevor is gonna have to impress me more offensively off the dribble, but seeing his length on the court and the thought of him with Yao next year seems pretty dynamic.

- Shane finally lost whatever the hell was growing above his lip. He was starting to look like a Nascar driver.

- Carl!! lets get that guy back.

- Scola is now known as the Argentinian Ice Cream Man.

- Chuck is passing the ball great this season, his shots look better and his drives to the basket are becoming nifty against slow defenders.

- Brian Cook was invited to that Tiger Woods Apology... Thats about all the news youll get on him. oh ye and hes gone!!!