Monday, August 11, 2008

Daily Videos

Here at Rockets addicts, we watch a shit load of videos/highlights of the Rockets.

So we were thinking about a video a' day type thing where we could post video and hope for reactions and responses.


Robbie's response - Wow. Ron Artest IS AWESOME! Everything about that video is great. I can't believe they gave him airtime for that improvised song(which really only scratches the surface if you have ever heard anything off of Tru Warrior Wreckords!!!)

All I can hope is that they make Kevin EschenfelderlfhselhdfelRR, the dude on FSN, to only cover sports he BASEBALL or FOOTBALL. AND GIVE THE JOB TO RON ARTEST!!! just let him talk about how badass we are and how we are gonna win this game... WHY NOT?

....or just give Calvin Murphy his job back. Cause Clyde is a HATER too sometimes...

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chris said...

clyde is a hater