Thursday, August 21, 2008

Draft Express: NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division

There's loads of info on this page about a bunch of teams. Lamentably, there's no Scola, Landry or Artest coverage in the Rockets' section. Here are a few snippets from the players they do cover.

Tracy: "...Simply dominant when healthy, but not particularly efficient... A superstar who brings intensity to the defensive end only when he needs to... Becomes a good defender when it counts."

Yao: "...Incredibly smart, and a fantastic teammate... Requires a double team due to his size and skill."

Luther: "...Great catch and shoot player. Average ball handler... Shows consistent effort. Won’t take a lot of risks, and for that reason he won’t make many mistakes."

Rafer: "...Has great quickness, but is more fluid than explosive... Hard to stop in transition. Makes defenders commit before giving up the ball. A solid, but unspectacular scorer... A very good defensive player who has the quickness to hang with most point guards."

Shane: "...Probably the most fundamentally sound defender in the game.... Will block shots just by maintaining good position... Great defensive intangibles. Amazing awareness."

Chuck: "Has a 6-10 wingspan, but is severely undersized at 6-7... Uses leverage extremely well to fight for position in the paint... Doesn’t make mistakes, and is a solid passer. Understands his role... Will give everything he’s got to deny entry passes, and is terrific at coming up with steals... Gets most of his rejections by keeping his hands up and maintaining good position. Stays on his feet when his man tries to fake him into the air. Great at boxing out. Has excellent timing and smarts. Won’t get outrebounded despite his size."

They've got a section on Dike and on Stevie Franchise, but I think you get the drift.

The page is entitled "NBA Scouting Reports, Southwestern Division (Part One)," so there should be either more detailed or at least updated versions forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

use the search engine to find the profiles on Artest, Scola and anyone else. They are in the database

grungedave said...

they are being kind to Luther Head. Everything they said about him is far more positive than it is in reality...

no way in hell he is an "above-average" ball handler.

thewolf said...

luther cant run the point. but he can handle the ball to dribble past people. He has a sweet hesitation move.

Anonymous said...

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