Monday, August 25, 2008

D.J. Strawberry is a Rocket


After watching him abuse Aaron Brooks in their Summer League matchup (video recap), I'm sure there will be plenty of competition at the guard spot once again this training camp.

Artest rally: Link.

"A lot of players, some of my friends, were like 'Houston is a problem, now,' " Artest said. "Like that old saying goes: 'Houston, we have a problem." Now, other teams in the league, they have a problem.

(how much fun must this writer have transposing Artest's words into text)

"Right now, I'm playing with two all stars, two future Hall of Famers in their prime. And I've gotten better. I'm better now than I was five years ago, even than when I got defensive player of the year. Everybody's in their prime. This is my best opportunity to put a ring on my finger and help Houston get another championship."


“Did I get everyone in Houston worried with the limp?” he asked with a smile. “The bone in the foot is fine. I just had some blisters.”





The NBA is a strange, incestuous league, and the tentacles of this thing might very well run deep.

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