Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ariza and the Future

Assuming the reports are accurate, Ariza will be our starting... 2-guard? and... "Adelman promised [Ariza] the Rockets would feature him offensively." (ESPN.com) I'm not too sure what the word 'feature' portends, considering that Ariza's effectiveness has, thus far, been limited to open 3s, pump fakes and the ensuing slam or step-in jumper created by the pump fake. I can see some serious quickness with Brooks and Ariza in the backcourt, and I think that's what Adelman's getting at. Adelman's system never found itself running through a singularity, apart from Yao. And with Yao on the bench and Artest in L.A., the ball should begin flying around the perimeter this season.

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