Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wild Wild West

I had high hopes around this time last year.
Dreams of this:
PG Alston
SG Battier
SF McGrady
PF Scola
C Yao

When it came to Texas teams, Rockets beat out SA and Dallas. We were far more of a contender for a championship. Then like these other teams, we were plagued with injuries that set us back.

All of the signings and trades that have gone on recently, are really going to benefit these Texas teams.

The Mavericks have traded for Shawn Marion, re-signed Jason Kidd, and found a reliable center in Gortat. I see all of these players working out. I see Shawn Marion getting talked about more next season. Jason Kidd will be able to utilize him correctly. Also, Q- ross was signed.

San "Antonio" McDyess

As much as I hate the Spurs, they have made some pretty reliable moves. Richard Jefferson has always been a player that has looked good when I see him play, but always flew well under my radar. After they traded for him I was curious who they were going to have protect the paint. But according to sources, Kurt Thomas and Bruce Bowen have said they will come back. And with the aquisition of McDyess, gotta be a lil' scared as a Rocket's fan.

With the lack of big man and the rumors going around about Amare in Houston. I am very very optomistic to see where Morey takes us.

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