Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Wafer listed as 4th best unrestricted free agent on the market by the dudes at Ball Don't Lie.

"He averaged almost 10 points per game last year. He's not a minimum player. But when you walk out on your coach on national TV, in this economy? Deal with what you can get, Von Wafer."

Also on the list is Nesterovic - deemed fit for Houston.

"He's a damn good defender, something some NBA analysts would fail to realize when they decide to only look up blocks per game on their Blackberries, rather than watch the actual games. He can score with the floater, and would be a very good backup at a pretty cheap price.

The solution? To Houston. The Rockets can talk all they want about running and weaving in Yao Ming's(notes)absence, but they'll also need someone to defend the pivot, and not act like a Collins twin once the ball meets the center's hands on offense."

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