Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Beer Pong, I Pick Yao.

Not even going into the crazy angle from 7 feet in the air or the insane free throw percentage, just look at him down this beer.
I was thinking: Yeah, he really didn't do much for us last year, but wouldn't it just be -so- nuts if Steve Francis gets back into a really good groove and helps lead us to a Championship. He's really come out as a huge Houstonian, just like JVG. Steve, TMac and Yao bringing the title back down to H-Town.
And as long as we're talking about the Rockets crossing over into other activities (beer pong), I've always wanted to see Tracy launch a driver in disc golf. I could watch YouTube's of disc golf or the Rockets any day all day. The one I linked to about "putting with confidence" could really just be a free-throw training video. If you're still confused, why don't we let this hippie explain it.
Adelman from an NBA.com article.

"I never had a team where I had four starters have surgery,'' said Adelman, starting his 18th season as a head coach. "That's been one of my major concerns, how these guys are going to come to camp, where they are physically and how we are going to monitor that as we go through this first month.''

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