Tuesday, September 9, 2008

open house

Open house at Toyota Center this saturday 11am-2pm. Guests will be able to meet with a Rockets sales representative to select their seats for the upcoming 2008-2009 Houston Rockets season. Full season tickets, half season, 14 game, and 6 game plans will all be available.

That's right lets pick some good seats ADDICTS!! We should try and get as many people to get the outskirts of the front row... that way only Rocket's ADDICTS will be that close...ALSO in case RON goes nuts and tries to jump in the stands again we can "TRY" and hold him back. Chances are that is not gonna happen again because of Ron's Comments.

"Whatever Yao Ming wants me to do, I'll be there. Whatever Tracy McGrady tells me to do, that's how it's going to go down. Ultimately, whatever Rick Adelman tells me to do is exactly what I'm going to do."

Hopefully they dont tell him to run in the stands and beat the shit out of this guy for talking shit.

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