Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Love Affair Continues

-The Toyota Center, Landry's first game as a Rocket-

The Rim: "Car-r-l-l... Car-r-r-r-l-l-l..."

Landry: "Huh, whu?... who said that?"

The Rim: "Carl, you know you want to jump up and hang on me.."

Landry: "Stop distracting me! I'm trying to play here, man!"

The Rim: "Carl.. Come on. Just wait around me. T-Mac will find you... He doesn't come to hang on me any more. He loves his precious 'jump shot'. When's the last time Bill Worrell's yelled, 'T-Mac to the rack!' I miss those days... But you, Carl, you know you want to dunk on me."

Landry: "Oh, you know me too well. I just can't wait to jump up and touch you in the game. I know when that ball bounces off of you, you want me to grab it and slam it back in."

The Rim: "That's right, Carl. Look. Here comes T-Mac, now. Just wait for it... wait for it..."

Landry: "Oomph!" -catches pass- "Rrrrahhhkakaka!" -dunks-

The Rim: "No! Don't let go! Just hang on me a little more. Ahhh, that's nice. Swing your legs around and hit everyone else with your knees. Perfect."

Landry: "I won't ignore you ever again. I'm going to try to dunk every play, even if I blow my knee out."

The Rim: "I love you, Carl."

Landry: "Wait for me, I'll come back to you!" -runs back on D-

-end scene-

Landry's dunks as a Rocket

Most Dunks in 07-08

Carl dunked more in his limited playing time than the likes of Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, David West, Chris Kaman and many more big-time finishers.

I was so ready to hate Landry for leaving. Now that he's ours again, and the more dunks I see, the more the joy starts to seep in.

If Dike re-signs, God help the other teams.

Here's a prediction: Just like what we ran with Bonzi, our third unit is going to wreck other team's third units. Last year we had Aaron Brooks, Luther Head, Bonzi, Landry and Scola all subbed in to play the other team's bench. They'd come in and either keep our ten point lead solid, or actually make a run against the other team. This year it's going to be Ron Ron in there instead of Bonzi. Artest, Landry, Scola is such a killer front court. And we can throw in Dorsey, Chuck, Shane, Brent - whoever. But man, oh man, Landry just makes us that much better.
Cool. Our first link!

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