Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post-Hurricane Post

So I've survived Ike, and while many 'stonians are without power or worse (slideshow), I managed to drag myself back to work. The AC and the internet were only minor incentives, promise.

And, after rushing through as many NBA stories and blurbs as possible, there's the Gilbert thing and all this:

Funny Video

Coming to see the Rockets in L.A. just got more expensive (first cup):

The premium to be levied on individual Lakers tickets will range from $10 on a $35 seat to $55 for a $260 seat and be in effect for home games against Boston (Dec. 25), Cleveland (Jan. 19), San Antonio (Jan. 25), New Orleans (Feb. 20), Phoenix (Feb. 26), Dallas (March 15) and Houston (April 3)."

TrueHoop's litany of "loose ends"

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