Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adelman's Offense

Awesome article on about Adelman's offense. That's such a great phrase: Adelman's offense. Last year, when I saw less stagnation, when we saw diversity and flow - sure some of the usual sets but also a lot of new movement - I thought I was seeing Adelman's offense. The title of the article is Adelman to install his offense this year. Didn't he "install" it already?
Apparently we haven't seen anything, yet.

One of the things I gleaned from the article was the seemingly imminent possibility of another transition phase early on in the season. Last year it took us awhile to "adjust" and apparently we didn't adjust that much, anyway. So, this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see a slow start in November.

“Last year we found out very quickly these guys weren’t very used to doing it, and we had to make calls,” Adelman said. “When you make calls in this league, as soon as you make the call, everybody in the world knows it. It’s harder to run anything... "

“Out of necessity we had to do that last year,” Adelman said. “Then, it really puts the onus on Tracy and Yao. We can always go to those guys. I don’t care if the whole world knows they’re getting the ball, they’re going to have a hard time guarding them. It’s the other guys that can benefit from the offense if we don’t have to make calls and just play.

“These guys have to be a little bit more obedient, and they have to execute a little bit better. We don’t want to make a ton of calls. We want to play (with) movement on the pass. I feel really good about what we’re going to do offensively.”


From Eric Mussleman's blog: a little training that might benefit Tracy - too bad it's going on in Dallas.

"The first day of camp was spent running. More specifically, it was spent running hard for three quick steps at the start of each change of possession. It's something the new coaching staff will be unwavering about. They will demand that players turn on the jets the moment they switch from defense to offense, or vice-versa."


This one made me laugh.

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