Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is he RED-y? (Pre-Season Notes)

Story of the night was when 6 foot(psh more like 5'10), 161 lb. Aaron Brooks went up for the sweet ally-oop from Brent Barry. I knew going into the game that AB could dunk but WOW, he can ALSO get UP! I went to the Rockets open practice and I saw Aaron dunk but I guess it did not hit me as hard as an actual live game with real defense....well, I dont think I can go as far to say that was real defense but shit that was their first team out there. And I don't think anyone was taking it more serious, than Nick Collison.

Aaron burned up and down the court finishing with 20 pts. on 9-14 shooting, 3 ast. and 3 turnovers. But he also ended up with the NBA.com Dunk of the night, While Rafer with the assist of the night to YAO!
This young player seems to be getting there in my opinion. He is going to improve as the season goes on and the playing time goes up. Last night he showed that he has not forgotten how to shoot the ball. One play that stands out in my mind is when Brent Barry bringing the ball down off a OKC turnover and points out AB on the wing. AB cuts and hits the open, long two. That is a perfect example of AB's game crossing over to the NBA. Brooks also had that sweet lefty finish off the glass against two defenders. But back to my rant, AB has to find a way make his shooting take his game to the next level because he definately has the speed to blow by anyone in the game, and if he can consistantly have that game, he can truly be amazing. Brooks has also proven that he is a great passer, though he only had 3 ast, BUT he definately had some great passes that were not finished. (ex. Barry 2-5 3pt shooting) If Tmac thinks he is ready, then lets see what the young guy can do.


Turns out Kevin Durant needs more that a D.J. Strawberry gaurding him to be stopped. I like what Adleman and the rest of the team let DJ and Wafer do. They pretty much let those guys take control of the game in the 4th quarter to prove themselves. Although I did see Brent Barry changing plays on the white board during time outs for Rick. It was pretty funny to see if you caught that.

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