Thursday, October 2, 2008

News Flash!

Rafer is the worst starter on the Rockets!

Well, if you watch the NBA at all, you might pick up the fact that T-Mac, Shane Battier, Ron Artest and Yao are more talented at their positions than Rafer is at his.
Noting this in his Rockets preview, John Hollinger then agrees with us addicts:

"...he's essential, as his absence in the first two games of the Utah series showed..."

It's not like I want to build a shrine to the guy, but crapping on someone because they're the worst starter on a Championship team seems so useless. I'm sure Perkins doesn't get treated the same way Rafer does. He is the worst starter on the Championship team (debatable Rondo/Perkins).

Perkins is awful! Why not trade Perkins and Tony Allen and Eddie House for Dwight Howard? He's way better than Perkins!

Numbers - Everything else = John Hollinger

Here are some numbers that might reflect Alston's position in the starting line up (via

Tracy McGrady $19.6M
Yao Ming $15.1M
Ron Artest $7.4M
Shane Battier $6.3M
Rafer Alston $4.9M

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T Rich said...

Well guys, it seems your continued support of Rafer has finally been vindicated. check out this article on the chron website someone's stealing your ideas????? Anyways, really puts that dreamshake blog in its place for its continued bashing of one the most important pieces of our potentially championship team. Kudos my brothas.