Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Luther Head's Minutes

Hyped up all offseason, debated over and drooled over, the Rockets' depth may look a little slim come November. Think about it. Tracy doesn't sound ready to go. Shane's swollen foot is a big question mark. We've got some promising shooting guards from the D-league or whatever, but who are we supposed to be? The Grizzlies?

Artest is a lock for small forward if Shane is out - maybe even if Shane is okay. Luis, Yao, Rafer - check. That leaves Tracy. If he doesn't think his knee's strong enough, who's coming in for him?

Landry could slide over to the three. They've talked about it before, and Carl's outside J is looking nice, but without Dike we need Landry's minutes later on.

Barry could play the two guard. But if you think about it, is this what Barry came over for? To grind out regular season minutes while Tracy stretches and sips on some Vitamin Water? Barry even took like a month off last year, just because he could. He was in that whole trade re-sign weird thing with San Antonio. My guess is that he comes in to move the ball with Aaron.

The logical conclusion, and the answer I'm sure a bunch of you don't want to hear, is that Luther Head should and will come in for most of Tracy and Shane's missed minutes.

I'm not sure how this is going to play out. Will he even out his minutes guarding bigger two guards by dropping threes and making good cuts? I'd love to hear he's worked like crazy on his handles over the off-season, but he didn't seem too much improved in his preseason games.

If Tracy or Shane come back in, the whole thing changes. Think about starting a Rafer, Shane, Ron, Luis, Yao lineup. One more week and we'll see.

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