Monday, June 30, 2008

Limited cap room around the league could set up favorable sing-and-trade situations

Rockets' biggest offseason concern will be re-signing Landry, but there's no doubt that Houston's roster will change before the trade deadline next spring.

Don't look at this list of Top Free Agents eyeballing any straight pick-ups, but do take note of teams that are not fully committed to keeping their players around. The Rockets would love to move a few players and their newly acquired 2009 Draft Pick to get a veteran scorer in return. (I see you out there Corey Maggette / James Posey)

. . . .

Chad Ford gives the Rockets a B+ for the draft night, exposing his lack of insight into the mind of Daryl Morey:

"Then they turned around and sent Arthur to Memphis for Greene. Why they didn't just select Greene at No. 27 is a mystery."

Watch the Press Conference inducting the new draftees on the
Rockets' website to hear Morey's explanation for the picking order (10 min. 30 sec. into conference)- as well as a preview into Dorsey's personality as he cracks on Les Alexander for answering a phone call during the conference (move over Rudy Giuliani) and gives DM an 'A' for his Draft Night performance.

Daryl Morey's dedication:
"We're here to improve the Rockets. Sleep comes later."

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