Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horry? Rockets?...never thought I would hear those two words together again.

alright.... Horry wants to come back blablabla... The article does not seem very clear. He says SA first but if they don't want big shot bob then he wants to play for the Rockets?? I am having a hard time really taking all this in.

If there is a basketball dictionary... I think it would look something like this.

Rockets - Clutch City Champs, Hakeem, Yao, Heart of a Champion, HONEST!

Spurs - Dirty River Walk City Cheaters, David Robinson(OWNED SEE BELOW), Duncan(pussy), CHEATERS!!

wow, I feel alot better now after watching that...I know next year will be our year if we stay healthy. There is no doubt. So is Horry the missing piece?

i....dont.....know...... The dude has a great game, but still needs to show that it is there. I can't blame him for last season numbers because the lifeless spurs probably sucked his heart out of the game. He is probably tired of being a puppet and flopping all over the court and hacking any one who steps in the paint. well, maybe not tired of hacking....

but if this is one of those Steve Francis, " i love houston, my quad hurts, i dont like passing too much" bullshit excuses cause he loves the city(cant blame him, houston is great!) then count me out.

I think morey will handle this off season perfectly, his draft picks seem like bait, that he is gonna throw out there for some trade, but either way we will have to see.

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chris said...

Ya, I definitely don't see Horry fitting on the team.
All I can say is that Hayes and Dorsey should foul out almost every game, and Yao, Scola and Landry should never miss minutes because of fouls.

Question: Would you give up Shane Battier to get Ron Artest?