Friday, June 27, 2008

Horry Wants to be a Rocket

ESPN Article

Horry would be huge with Yao. If you had a Dikembe/Horry front court, you could injure every all-star that drives to the hoop.

But if we did get Horry would we move one of our young PFs?

Scola PF/C
Hayes PF/C
Landry PF/C
Dorsey PF/C
Greene SF/PF

and kind of..

Battier SF/PF

Thats six that can play the four, four of which can slide over at the center.

I liked Scola and Hayes or Landry and Hayes when we went small last year.
I don't think Scola and Landry have the defense covered enough to protect the basket without Yao/Dike/Chuck at the five. Landry can jump out of the gym, so he gets some blocks. Scola is quick and has good hands, but he doesn't really stop any bigs rolling to dunk.

Maybe Dorsey can come and play a Chuck Hayes role, but I don't want to see Chuck pushed out of the line-up.

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