Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live Draft Blog

While at work I'll be doing a play-by-play of the Draft.
(much like..
this one by Rob Peterson)

9:00 (final post)

Nicolas Batum at No. 25
The Rockets have gone international..


Sac: Jason Thompson?, Portland: Very Helpful Brandon Rush, GSW: Athletic SF/PF Anthony Randolph
Here we go: Sacramento, Portland, Golden State, Phoenix. Western Conference movement coming up.

From Rob Peterson at the Draft:

"Ha! The crowd has struck up the Jeff Van Gundy chant again, and Mark Jackson is egging them [on]."


Wow, D.J. Augustine is going to Charlotte to back up Raymond Felton.
Eric Gordon going to the Clips. Do they trade this for Westbrook?, or is the Seattle trade not going down?

6:54 p.m.

Derrik Rose going to Chicago, where will Kirk Hinrich ($10 mil. salary) end up?
Westbrook going to Seattle (the Clippers) at No. 4
Memphis with.. Bayless, Lopez, Love, Gallinari? Draft Bayless and trade him & Mike Miller with Miami for Beasley?

6:00 p.m.

Craig Ackerman taking over as the sports610 Rockets Radio Commentator?
Give me Matt Bullard!

Here is what Chad Ford's updated Mock Draft has at No. 18

"At this point in the draft, the Wizards seem content with trading their pick. They're talking to the Rockets and others about potential swaps. The Rockets are looking at Courtney Lee here."

Lee is a 6'5 gaurd. Thats exactly what we need to back up T Mac at the two.

5:45 p.m.

T Mac & Yao vs. Vince Carter and Yi... now thats a matchup.

5:30 p.m.

Brandon Rush goes in the top 20.
Chris Douglas-Roberts goes before the Rockets' pick at 25.
Jazz will pick 7'2 Roy Hibbert. (the polygynists will get a big body to bang down low w/milsap)
Miami will -keep- Michael Beasley, despite speculation.
D.J. Augustine will be drafted in the 10-20 range, not a lottery pick at 5'10.
Lakers trade someone somewhere for something.

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