Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trade Rumors?

The Heat are apparently not down with Michael Beasley.

The Rookie: Michael Beasley Episode 1
The Rookie: Michael Beasley Episode 2
The Rookie: Michael Beasley Episode 3

Are they tired of D Wade? Is Marion going to stay more than the one year left on his contract, or will he be traded?

Will Mike Miller, Tyrus Thomas, Larry Hughes or Derrik Rose sport some Miama Heat jerseys next year?
Who cares? The Heat suck.

Here's a pretty good summary of the Draft night trading situation.

Rockets' Draft position summary with a pretty useless quote from Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice.

Anybody who watched today's Germany vs. Turkey Euro Semifinal knows via ESPN's scrolling ticker that Joe Dumars is interested in dealing 'Sheed and Chauncey for Baron Davis.

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