Wednesday, June 25, 2008

USA Basketball & Nike

I can't find the article that had mentioned it earlier, but there is something more than coincidental about the number of USA Basketball players with Nike shoe contracts. Seeing as Nike is already directly involved in USA Basketball, you've got to be a little put off if you're an American under contract with Adidas or Reebok. (see any relevant quotes from Gilbert Arenas)

USA Basketball & Nike Documentary Series

Here's what Mark Cuban had to say on his blog.

"In the sports marketing world, advertisers usually have a set sports marketing budget. Each advertiser gets pitched by all the different sports entities competing for those dollars. Among those competitors are both the Olympics and NBA. One of the beauties of the NBA pitch is that our athletes are so recognizable, personable and respected. The ability for an advertiser to connect their products to KG, Tim Duncan, Shaq, Dirk, etc, individually, or by buying sponsorship or commercials in game, is a huge selling point for us. It should be a huge selling point exclusively available to the NBA, but unfortunately that is no longer the case."

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