Thursday, June 26, 2008

mike miller plead! SHIT!

The NBA Draft starts tonight, and Managment, Coaches and players are all skeptical about what players might end up on their team. Morey has proven himself as a man that really knows what he's doing, and if you don't agree with that, then he atleast has proven to be a man who knows what he wants. I say, look for Morey to steal someone in the draft that a team might want/need, and trade for a swingman or backup center for Mutumbo's dinosaur ass. Someone who I feel would fit great in white and red would be Mike Miller.

He is a great shooter that plays pretty damn good defense, and cares about the game. He has been soaking in Memphis since his buddy Pau 'theostrich' Gasol left him.(not that they had a chance with him.) and I believe he would be a great addition to our team. People have been hating on Luther Head lately, which I dont understand really, I personally think he has alot of talent and had trouble gettin it going against the Mormons due to matchups. Anyways if Morey buys into this shit talking on luther and decides to trade.... TRADE FOR MILLER... i mean, SHIT, WHY NOT?

Mike miller is obviously better than luther head... but SHIT! if they wanted Kwame 'shit-stain' Brown so bad to trade one of their studs... then why wouldn't this trade work...? Memphis is never going to win a championship. NEVER. MARK MY WORDS.

Ye, I haven't checked out Miller's contract or Luther's, but I will later.


chris said...

welcome to blogging to nobody!

I think we'd have to give up a Carl Landry or a Bobby Jackson along with Luther to get a Mike Miller. They could definitely use a Carl "Wash-Your-Laundry" Landry alongside Rudy Gay.

thewolf said...

i mean, if your being real, YES you should have to give up more than luther for mike miller...but this shit aint real...memphis trades nickels for dimes.. landry is a boss so we could never trade him