Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Other Addicts Talking Shane and Chuck

Go and vote for Chuck and Shane in the Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament.

Man, "no discernable [sic] NBA-level skills," ouch. I think someone needs to watch Chuck's post defense or maybe read what JVG and everyone else says about Chuck's superior NBA-level defense. If Ben Wallace didn't dunk much, would you say he had no NBA-level skills? Shit, Chuck's a better cutter, passer, etc. At least they say that Chuck "outsmarts" people, but come on. I discern some skills. Steve Nash is to offensive spatial awareness what Chuck is to defensive spatial awareness.

All-Star Rockets' Hustlers
Bob Sura
Shane Battier

Ryan Bowen
Chuck Hayes
Luis Scola

Houston - Chuck Hayes: “Has absolutely no discernable [sic] NBA-level skills. Can’t dribble or shoot. Is not very tall or agile. Everyone has to cover their eyes when he shoots free throws. And yet - he’s a very important part of the rotation for an NBA playoff team for two-plus years now. It’s because he outsmarts and outhustles everyone.” David from The Dream Shake

Wild Card - Shane Battier: “Not only is he a shoo-in nominee, the dude should win our tournament outright. He’s not a very good offensive player. He’s valuable because he’s a lock-down defensive player who does everything based on hustle, desire and effort. And he’s certainly not afraid of a few floor burns… or cuts/bruises to the head… or Dikembe’s elbow!” David from The Dream Shake


grungedave said...

(1) I'd really like to know why you put a [sic] next to "discernable" - it's spelled correctly.

(2) Name me one "skill" Chuck possesses that would be NBA-quality? He can't dribble. He can't shoot. He can't pass. He can't jump. He's not tall. He's not quick. ... basically he's smart and he hustles, but that's not exactly a basketball skill.

... of course, that's why I love the guy (but I like winning more, so I won't shed a tear when Chuck is traded soon, like Novak).

chris said...

I guess I should look into the whole usage thing for discernible/discernable. One must be a variation. I just assumed it was spelled with an 'i'. Maybe one's British.


You -will- cry when Scola is our big trying to protect the low post.

I guess Dorsey is supposed to fill that role, but he's only a rookie.

Even if he has comparable defense, it will be hard to see him getting key minutes.

Smarts probably would be the basis for most skills, and I didn't really want to discredit that.

Still, I think Chuck does have a high skill level. People, maybe even me, would have to describe them as 'intangible' skills; just because I'm not knowledgable enough to pinpoint the defensive body positioning that he uses.

He shuts down (or at least can handle gaurding) opponents ranging from Ron Artest to Lebron to Boozer.

He strips balls better than any non-All-star PF in the league.

He knows where to be all the time (smarts, yes) but he's not just a coach with all the answers.

You have to actually combine your intelligence with athleticism (not limited to how high you jump) to play in the league.

I just hate when people sell Chuck short. He does so much to help the team.

I guess we're talking semantics here when you say 'skill,' but I don't limit skills to dribbling and shooting.

He is quick and he can pass. And as I said before, jumping is not the only important athletic part of basketball.

chris said...

"These two spellings are in divided usage, but Americans seem to prefer -ible here, just as they prefer -able on certain other words."

chris said...

I guess it's kind of like putting a [sic] next to 'favourite' or 'colour' - which I might do just to fuck with British spelling - but on the whole pretty unneccesary, I agree.

I think I got all anti-everything when I put those in there because I've got to stick up for my favourite [sic] players.

UofTOrange said...

Chuck doesn't any NBA level skills, he has a TON of almost NBA defensive skills and those together add up to him being a viable NBA backup PF. I really like the guy, but intangibles aren't skills, they are intangibles. Either way, I love Chuck, I also don't think he has a place on the Rockets anymore.